Providing feedback about Blank Aspect projects

This is a guide to providing feedback about any of the Blank Aspect projects: CrosswordEditor, DateCalculator, FuncPlotter, Onda, PatternGenerator, Qana and RegexSearch. The following kinds of feedback are expected:

Reports of bugs and errors
Please report any problems with a program or errors in its documentation, with the following exception. Bugs that are known to exist in the latest release of a program are listed on a page of the project's wiki; if the bug that you've found is in that list and is described as having been fixed, please don't report it.
Feature requests and suggestions for improvement
If there are new features that you would like to be added to a program, or if there are ways in which you think that a program or its documentation can be improved, please tell me. Requests or suggestions that involve a small amount of work are more likely to be successful than requests for major undertakings such as converting a tool to a plugin for an IDE.
Requests for help in installing, using or modifying a program
If you have a problem installing or using a program and you can't find an answer in its manual, feel free to ask me for help, though I won't make any promises about the amount of assistance that I'll provide. If you want my help to modify the source code of a program, please try to describe precisely what you're trying to achieve and the problems that you're having. Again, I won't make any promises.

You can provide feedback in two ways, both of which require that you log in as a SourceForge user:

  1. Submit a ticket using SourceForge's ticket facility for the appropriate project.
    SourceForge describes its ticket system as "flexible". One person's flexible is another person's vague; I'd prefer something more like Bugzilla. However, I don't expect many bug reports because none of the Blank Aspect applications does very much and they are all fairly stable, so the ticket system is good enough for me. If you want to submit a ticket but find the fields on the form a bit vague, don't worry: just submit it anyway.
  2. Send me a message through the Send message link on my SourceForge user's page.
    While this method of providing feedback is simpler than the ticket system, it has the disadvantage of keeping the feedback private, which is particularly undesirable for bug reports. To overcome this, I will submit a ticket for a bug report, and I may publish other kinds of feedback on the project's wiki. If you want to remain anonymous if the feedback is published, please say so in your message.

Using the Review facility on SourceForge's summary page for a project is not an effective way to report a problem because I very rarely visit a project's summary page between releases.

When reporting a problem with any of the projects, please try to include enough relevant information to enable the problem to be reproduced. You should include at least the following information:

A Java stack trace, if one is available, would be helpful.

I don't have much time to spend on project maintainance, and, with seven projects to maintain, there's a danger that quantity will become the enemy of quality. Bug reports will be given precedence over other kinds of feedback. If you don't receive a response to your feedback, you could prompt me for a response after a few days.